Ravens come on top vs MRFC II

Regionalliga Bayern – TSB Ravens Rugby vs. München RFC II

After an amazing Rugby weekend thanks to the #Oktoberfest7s at the Olympiastadion in Munich; the Ravensburg Ravens took on their next challenge in the Regionalliga Bayern, the Munich Rugby Football Club II. Both sides were defeated by TSV Nürnberg, but during the week had also been informed that due to the use of ineligible players on behalf of the Franken, a 50-0 win had been provisionally awarded in their respective games. With Nürnberg still entitled to appeal, the final decision on the matter is to be confirmed.

Regardless of the outcome of these events, both Ravensburgers and Müncheners where looking to get their first “on-field win” of the season. A delayed Kick Off was also agreed onsite due to heavy traffic on the motorway that prevented the visitors to arrive at their intended time, and as the clouds dissipated to clear up the sky, we had again perfect weather for some live rugby in Upper Swabia.

The game Kicked off and it looked as if the Ravens wanted that first awarded try in the Regionalliga to arrive ASAP. Less than five minutes into the first half and after a few minutes of continued play with the crashing forwards, the locals broke into the visiting ingoal; conversion missed so 5-0 it was. After the re-start, the Ravens kept coming back to their opponents side, but the visitors defended well and their experienced players would send the ball back to the Blues field. A sloppy breakdown control on behalf of the locals kept repeating itself and avoidable penalties would also have an impact on their attacking flow. After 20 minutes in the game, Munich finally got some deserved points on the scoreboard when a drop attempt was converted. The game then entered a period in which both teams gave the opposition the ball possession and neither would be able to execute their intentions, but fortunately it was the Ravensburgers the ones who scored next. After missing a penalty attempt to try and keep the five point difference, the locals then opted for an always effective line out & maul, which helped to bring the score up to 10 – 3 at halftime.

The second half would see the visitors take control of the game with the Ravens looking unresponsive to the Münchener attacks. Little possession plus a converted try after 15 minutes would put the score 10-all and would help as a wake up call for the locals. From then onwards we saw a more determined Ravensburg side who wanted the next score; however, handling errors would prevent them from taking the lead, until one of the guests was sin-binned due to a high tackle. Making the most of that extra body on the pitch the Ravens scored and converted, with only 15 minutes left on the clock. But once the Müncheners recovered their fifteenth man, it was the Ravens who would see one of their own being yellow carded for the last 10´. A scrum that did not work as usual and with the line out being as unreliable as ever, the Ravens would have to defend every reset as if the victory depended on it. As the clock ticked, the “Lions” found a gap in the defense and crossed the whitewash, but missed the conversion. The last 5 minutes where nail biting, with only 2 points as a difference and with isolated Ravens trying to make their way through, but the lack of support would mean a turnover and back to defensive mode. Time ran off for everybody and the board showed a 17 – 15 victory for the Ravensburgers.

Plenty of things to work on as the Blues head off to Augsburg next week. However, being a long and demanding season, it´s always good to clinch victories in every circumstance, specially in hard fought games like these.

Tries: G. Duffy & B. Ross (2)
Conv: G. Iannuzzi (1)

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