Würzburg beat the traveling Ravens

Regionalliga Bayern – Würzburger RK vs TSB Ravens

Another away game and unfortunately another defeat for the Men in Blue in the Regionalliga. This time the Ravens travelled to Würzburg, where they were to face the local team also known as “WRK Lions”.

Various name changes in the starting line-up when comparing it to the XVs sides that started the last three encounters, but the Ravens took the field looking for more than just playing for the colours. The loss in Augsburg had been hard to swallow, and spirits had to rise up again. With that serving as an engine, the game began as an even contest, with neither side claiming a clear dominance in any given area of the pitch. Handling errors from both teams meant various scrums where the Ravensburgers didn´t seem to have major inconveniences to maintain possession, however they were thoroughly out rucked at the breakdown.

With the clock passing twenty minutes, the locals broke the guests defensive line and scored the first try of the afternoon. The Ravens responded, and almost managed to equalize the board but a saving tackle in the corner prevented them from doing so. A few minutes after this action, Würzburg obtained their second try with the “old but always effective” Line & Maul formula. A game that started well suddenly transformed into a 12-0 against. A deceiving result as the Blues kept returning to the Würzburger field, but their attempts to enter holy land would end bitterly. To top it off, with only a handful of seconds left in the ref´s watch, another local try would leave the score 17-0 at halftime. Three mistakes, three tries, and a bitter feeling that more should and could have been achieved to prevent those against scores, or at least get points in the board.

Play resumed with the “Lions” in the ascendancy, but the Ravens continued to fight valiantly. It was at the breakdown, as said before, where the game was to be decided. Although the locals began to send in their substitutions, their new bodies continued to secure the ball by counter-rucking or by “generating” infractions that would send the Blues back. Now the traveling legs seemed to be yielding and missed tackles where more recurrent whilst the locals speeded their play across the pitch, stretching and breaching the Raven fragile defence at will.

Two further Würzburg tries made any hope of salvaging the match an unlikely feat. Surprisingly, a grubber kick that found a defective kicking response, ended in the hands of one of our own who managed to dive into the local ingoal with little resistance. 31 – 7. The last 15 minutes of the game were far from the level shown by this team in not so distant past times. Another two tries would come, as well as a yellow card for each side after an unnecessary brawl -with everybody apologising seconds after-, and only 2 minutes later, another sin bin for the Ravens due to consecutive penalties that would seal the fate of the Men in Blue. Final score 43 – 7.

No win comes handed in a silver platter, and defeats like these will always help the learning curve. There´s no option for this Ravens side other than to look up and continue going forward. Coming up a League has always bitter moments like these, and we will only secure our place if we work hard and keep a fighting spirit going. „It ain’t over till the fat lady sings“.

Try: A. Häussler


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